Retail Construction, Southern California

Whether you are revamping an established retail space or starting a store from scratch, we can help. At STRUCTA, we customize retail stores to your unique brand’s specifications. We have years of experience creating retail environments that are attractive and promote sales.

Our specialist team of designers works with you to get the designs just right. We will establish your goals and get an understanding of your vision, as well as your budget. The materials, color scheme, equipment, and branding strategy will be pieced together to create a 3D digital model. This 3D model, as well as the architectural drawings, mechanical drawings, and graphic design elements, serves to construct your displays.

In our field of work no two jobs are the same, which is why experience and expertise are extremely important. STRUCTA has both and much more. Our team is friendly and professional. They will stay in contact with you throughout the project, making our customer service second to none.





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The ideas our clients come up with inspire us every day, and drive us to make their dreams a reality.