The Structa System


Years of Experience

A System that fuels creativity

The lifecycle of a project begins long before the groundbreaking. By partnering with Structa early on during the development stage, our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of our years of knowledge and experience.

Our team’s approach allows principals to work closely with the most talented architects, engineers, artisans and consultants in Southern California.

Every project starts with strategy phase to ensure that project goals are clear and specific project needs and requirements are identified so that they may be met. Early and effective planning is the footing of every successful STRUCTA project. Working closely with the project team we provide a comprehensive budget to assist with the project analysis.

Through close participation in the pre-construction phase, approaches to design, and engineering ideas are explored and developed to facilitate the execution of the designers’ vision, the requirements of the client, as well as the unique cost and scheduling constraints of the project.

This approach includes the review of drawings for a project in its preliminary stages, budgeting and early evaluation of costs, understanding the intent of the design and the expected quality of the final product. Value engineering, product evaluation and analysis of alternative systems of construction are on-going during this phase.

Our Meticulous Budgeting Process

A comprehensive and accurate budget is critical early on in the project cycle to ensure a successful relationship between with clients based upon confidence in the adherence to budgetary needs at the most granular level.

When creating budgets, we strive to respect the integrity and quality of the original design concept while materials are sourced for availability, quality and compatibility.

Each detail is evaluated for feasibility to identify areas of potential problems before they occur. Logistics and construction schedules, based on product availability and manufacturing limitations, are established to improve the efficiencies of procurement phase.

Material purchasing is always planned early on based on market conditions, as well as delivery and inventory timetables to ensure that the material is available when needed, while minimizing cost escalations and avoiding storage and loading expenses for premature deliveries.

STRUCTA’s goal is to provide clients with the best value, for the desired product and outcome, while minimizing uncertainties that may impact cost and schedule problems.