What We Stand For

Our core values are more than marketing words...

Structa’s solidity as a general contractor and construction organization is based on practicing what we believe and hold dear every day, on every job with every client.


Honesty and Transparency day in and day out. There is no middle ground. We demand it from everyone in our organization and anyone we work with. Ethics are a quality often lacking in our industry, and is a characteristic and quality we abide by in every decision we make through the construction process, making sure that our clients trust us implicitly. We are focused exclusively on long-terms relationship building.


Structa customers return to us to again and again, because we mean what we say and say what we mean… leading to doing what we say.


Passionate. Determined. Focused. We ask more of ourselves and do more than is expected or required by any client. Structa’s team members have a true intrapreneurial spirit and ATTITUDE. They are creative and innovative and focus all their energy to make all our customers’ lives EASIER. This attitude is key to what sets us apart.


We embrace and drive change. Our philosophy is to ALWAYS PUSH ourselves with every client project to innovate and solve problems more efficiently and cost-effectively, often times in way that are totally new in our industry.

Customers rely on us to bring their vision to life because our employees have a passion for finding solutions to unique problems. Our unwavering commitment to getting the job done in a way that exceeds our client’s expectations is what keeps people coming back with ever challenging projects.



Quality in EVERYTHING. People. Service. Knowhow. Product. We are only satisfied with delivering the very best craftsmanship and employ only the most skilled technical and artistic professionals in our industry.


We understand the competitive nature of our business. Our mission is not to be the cheapest or lowest bid. There are no free lunches is life. We employ the best in the business and knowhow and expertise has a price. But those attributes in the long-run ALWAYS end up saving our customers money down the line in the lifecycle of a project. Everyone wants a deal. We will ALWAYS be competitive, but we won’t stay in business long if we just try to undercut everyone. So we don’t.


We understand that time is money and we respect that your time is valuable. We will NEVER waste it. We Listen closely and ACT swiftly. Working in partnership with clients, subcontractors, architects and designers is something that excites us because it brings the process to life and this is what we live for.

- David K.



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