When it comes to training and maintaining the highest safety standards, STRUCTA sets and exceeds the highest levels for workplace practices.

  • Zero tolerance policy for unsafe practices.
  • All projects maintain a job hazard analysis report throughout completion.
  • All Structa Project Managers and Superintendents are required to have OSHA 30 certification.
  • In house insurance specialist dedicated to ensuring all subcontractors are prequalified and have the correct insurance before stepping on the job site.
  • Ongoing training and insurance reviews are an integral part of our safety culture.
  • Structa hires independent safety consultants to conduct onsite safety audits.
  • Structa meets regularly with superintendents and project managers to ensure compliance with OHSA.
  • Company-wide safety trainings are done with our superintendents, project managers and office staff.
  • All office staff are required to complete OHSA 10 certification.


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